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Posted on Oct 18 2021 by Skilz Hub

We know that digital marketing tools are essential for digital marketing experts to analyze and audit their works. In Google, there are plenty of tools at one's fingertips. Which tool is good?. Which tool is best?. Are you fed up with finding a better tool?. In this blog, we will discuss what is essential and what is useful tools and how to use them, and the purpose of the digital marketing tool 2021.

However, digital marketing has different sections like google ads, Social media, and search engine optimization. These areas have got individual tools and general tools. Every digital marketing strategist has a little bit of confusion about which digital marketing tools need to choose for the best result. Here is the solution for them. We will deeply describe digital marketing tools which will help you two more steps to reach your digital marketing career.

Which Digital Marketing Tools 2021 Should I Use For SEO For High Result?

Search engine optimization is a major part of digital marketing. There are paid and free digital marketing tools available but we will discuss only free digital marketing tools for SEO. As a Digital Marketer need to audit clients' website. To know the performance of the webpage and the issue of the website. Here are the best tools to audit your website.

1. SEOptimer

Reporting is a little bit task, Am I right?. SEOptimer is the best free audit tool. This tool is used to find errors and the critical stage of your website. If you use this website, no need to worry to make a report for your clients.  SEOptimer provides a pdf of the report when you audit. You can download a report. Chrome Extention is also available which helps to audit so easily within a munites.

2. Screamingfrog

This Screamingfrog tool is software. You can download and install it on your pc. The free and premium versions are also available. But the free version is enough. It is a website crawler. It helps you with on-site SEO. You are able to find extracting data on your website and auditing your frequent issue. It is one of the digital marketing trends as well.


SEO SITE CHECKUP is a really awesome digital marketing tool in 2021. Like SEOptimer this tool function is to audit your website. You are able to report trouble with your website. It is a fascinating tool ever. You can get an SEO score and the number of checks that went wrong.

4.  Google Search Console

Of course, Google Search Console is the top tool to detect a website's loading speed, HTML, broken links, and more but a few professionals may not consider this a relevant tool.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a helping hand for every digital marker. You can understand the practice of those who visit your webpage. You can estimate the popularity of your content. You can recognize the average amount of time users visit your page. It is one of the lion's shares beneficial digital marketing tools in 2021.

6. Yoast SEO Plugin

No need to explain the Yoast SEO Plugin but is an essential tool for content and target keyword analysis. It ensures the readily of your content and analysis of your webpage.

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