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Web development is one of the most growing industries in the world. In fact, it’s projected to grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026. This growth indicates that the future of Web Development Career.that means there will be thousands of vacancies around World.
If you are willing to study web Development You should know the Basic Fundamental Of web Developing. Here We Are Discussing the skills both technical and non-technical which are needed to a good Web developer.

Technical Skills Needed for Web Developers:


HTML is the lifeblood of every Website. as a web developer, you should have good Knowledge of Markup Languages Like HTML. The latest version of HTML is 5.2 which was released in 2017
HTML without CSS is Nothing
Cascading Stylesheet gives different meanings for HTML tags.it gives a stylish presentation for HTML Language

2. JavaScript
If you learn HTML And CSS Yow will compel you to learn Javascript.JavaScript is a HIgh-Level Language it will Make Our website More functional and Interactive.

3. Photoshop
If you master photoshop. need not depend on anyone for creating web Banners and the same logos for your project.it will Easier your Work And save More time.

4. WordPress
About 74 million Websites are Working on WordPress. which means 25% of all websites on the internet
WordPress is a content management System used For Blogging. we can create dynamic Websites it’s easy to edit and update without any knowledge in coding,

5. Analytical Skills
If you are a good developer, You can create strong Awesome Web Sites. but there is a marketing side for every Web Sites. You can make reports for clients. make changes whenever changes the consumers taste.

6. SEO
Modern people find a product online. and choose the product shown on the first page.SEO helps to make the better search result

7. Responsive Design
Most modern consumers are using a mobile phone for searching online. so that the website should be responsive for any devices such as mobile, desktop, and Tablet.


Non-Technical Skills Needed for Web Developers:

1. Time Management
Every Developer Should have Time Management Skill. this skill will be appreciated by any employer. It will make your Life and work Become Easier. this will increase productivity. When you manage your time good, you can do your work comfortably.

2. Teamwork
When it comes to Web development teamwork is an important one. A web developing team may have a developer, Designer, Content Writer, Web Strategist. If they work together as a team the project will be a successful one.

3. Communication
Communication skill is essential to a developer.it helps for better communication with clients, team members, or employers.it may be emails, phone, face-to-face, or messages. effective communication will decrease the gap between team members and clients.

4. Creativity
Last but not least, Creativity is a crucial non-technical Skill that leads to innovations and productivity. creativity Reflect your problem-solving skill. and you can solve problems effectively

5. Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence is key to achieving your professional goals.it will help to create a strong relationship among your Co-workers.

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