What is LinkedIn Marketing?

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Posted on Dec 01 2021 by Vishnu Vijayakumar


LinkedIn Marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to make connections, generate leads, improve brand awareness, encourage business relationships and drive traffic to the website. Marketing on LinkedIn helps you to engage a team of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to the business. LinkedIn is an integral part of many successful marketing strategies, and how effective it is in expanding professional networks.


Why is LinkedIn marketing important?

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network it generates leads 227% effectively than the rest of social media platforms. So, it is essential for the business when it comes to marketing.

LinkedIn launched in 2003 with the aim of building careers, sharing ideas. By using LinkedIn, we can share our content or think to other professionals, Business Partners, Colleagues, etc.


How to use LinkedIn for Business and Marketing?

LinkedIn allows you to drive any traffic to the website, get quality leads, share our expertise through leadership content and grow our connections. These are just some of the reasons why LinkedIn is the best platform for all businesses to market. Here are a few tactical ways you can incorporate LinkedIn into your strategy.


LinkedIn Profile vs LinkedIn Page

  • LinkedIn pages represent collective organizations to post industry updates, job opportunities, Information about the organizations. LinkedIn Page is where we can define our brand’s identity, purpose, capabilities, and culture on the platform. The LinkedIn Page can have followers and we can only run ads on LinkedIn through pages. One must have a personal profile to set up a page.LinkedIn pages can be managed by multiple people within the company.


  • The LinkedIn profile can have connections. The personal profile includes sections like Experience, Skills Recommendations, and Interests. You can use this to list previous experience, build your network, share and create content to establish thought leadership, and keep up with your connections.


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