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Posted on Jun 02 2022 by Lama Nabeel


Well , finding a course that can match our degree and interests at the same time is a pretty big task for most of us. Also the course needs to be comfortable enough to pursue according to our standards. 


So that’s the reason why I am here


A Diploma in Digital Marketing is a fine option after a degree in any course. This is because there are no specific course requirements when you join a digital marketing course. The only eligibility needed is a 10th pass certificate from an institute.


But when I say the course is mainly done in laptops and computers , and that it is implemented in social media platforms , and requires basic IT skills , you would probably think that the course is for students who come from an IT background (Btech , Engineering degree, Bsc Animation and Multimedia , Bsc IT). Even so, trust me ,Students from Arts , Commerce and Science  backgrounds  too do this course after their degree.


 Another fact is if you are a graduate in any subject , then you take up digital marketing and look for a job. Then the degree will be an added value for the interview. 


So here’s why you should start a career in digital marketing in 2022


  • High Need for Digital Marketers


As the digital era is developing , high tech IT companies are increasing year by year. And the necessity for digital marketers is extreme. A position as a digital marketer is a must for any company because the technological needs of every company is growing everyday.

Moreover the skills a digital marketer possesses are beneficial for any company. A digital marketer will be able to manage graphic designing, social media marketing , search engine optimization, search engine marketing and email marketing. In all these roles digital marketer has an important part.


  • Less complex to learn


Unlike any other course , digital marketing certification is easy to learn and comprehend. Anyone with the basics of computer skills and a knowledge of English can learn digital marketing. And the course may seem really simple to some , as the module deals around Google , facebook and other social media platforms.


Moreover as the learning is practical based and also done in computers and laptops , the learning process will be fun. So if you are a techie who can spend more time working online , this is the career for you.


  • Begin your own business or promote your existing business


If you are planning to start a business, then digital marketing will be of great use to you. Because whatever a business needs , everything is included in digital marketing such as promoting the business , creating ads  and reaching the ads to a larger audience.


Or else we can renovate an existing business , make it extra reachable and can earn well. 


  • An Opportunity to be more technical and creative


The field of Digital Marketing requires the basic skill of being creative and technical. But even if you don’t know how to be creative , you can still earn with this job. Because the modules in this course will help you to acquire these skills. 


And I give you assurance that learning these skills is not a herculean task. It's just as simple. 


  • Attractive Salary Abroad 


Basically when I say that this is a course that gives you job in private sector and that it needs to be studied in private institutions , you may think that the job as digital marketer may only have an average salary and moreover as it is taught as a small course with no more than 4 months duration , it will have scope only here in India.


But you are absolutely wrong ! It has a wide scope outside India. In the UAE and other  countries , the possibility of getting a job is at its peak. So nothing to be upset about not receiving a job in your place. Lots of chances are awaiting you abroad.

That too the extra perk is that you get a salary that is worth your work. Therefore if you work hard in this area , you'll be getting the salary you ask for. 


Finally now you know about the benefits of a Digital Marketing career and where to go if you are really into that field. 


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The institute provides guaranteed placement and internship to all students.The Major Modules of this course are SEO, SEM, SMM, Youtube Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Wordpress, Adobe Photoshop, Google Tag Manager, Affiliate Marketing,HTML.The course duration for this course is 200 hours.



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