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Posted on Jun 07 2022 by Lama Nabeel

Before understanding why Search Engine Optimization is of prime importance to your business , you need to get started on what is meant by SEO?


In plain words , it can be said as techniques that can help your websites to rank higher when a client searches for your website in google. 

And to be precise in that , You need to make sure if your website is SEO friendly. So in order to do that there are certain things to implement in your website. This gets you into the point why search engine optimization is crucial to your business. 


Here are the reasons :


  • 1) SEO increases traffic to your website 


          The more people visit your website , the more ranking your website is going to get. Ranking is what helps our business to grow popular. 

          Through optimizing your website , creating quality content , blogging regularly , by adding internal links and by many other sorts we can drive traffic to the website. 


  • 2) SEO helps in finding genuine audience


        Instead of promoting our business using paid advertisements to find real   customers , if we spend time on SEO it will be a lot more helpful. It is  because only real customers

        focus on the quality of the website and also makes a lead in the website. 

        So through cheap and easy way we can find out who really are interested in our business. Also we can promote our brands and services  among these audiences.


  • 3) Best user experience 

               A website that takes too long to load its contents makes a client to not visit  the webpage again. This is where SEO comes in handy because search engine optimization 

               makes the website and its contents load faster.  

              By SEO we mean compressing and optimizing the images in the website, Using meta description tags , adding structured data and many more other factors. 


  • 4) Helps your service to stand out in crowd 

            Having a website with the basic contents is not a variety. To make people recognise your website differently from others, you need the aid of SEO. Being knowledgeable about

           SEO and its factors ,and using it the correct way is one of the main benefits a business can get. 


  •  5) SEO Results Are Long Standing

                When you have optimized your website using SEO , you need to understand the fact that the results of these are long running. It may generally run upto 7 - 12 months. So

               you need to optimize it again only 7 months. 

               When the results stand for long, it’s easy for both the clients and the business. 


Now we are familiar with the fact of why Search Engine Optimization can be pivotal to a company or business. 


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