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Posted on Nov 10 2021 by Sherin

Setting up an effective Google ad campaign might be able to bring maximum conversions for your ad. If you are not using PPC to drive more traffic to your website, then you are have left an effective method. So, why do we wait to create an effective Google ad campaign? Try using these tricks to create an effective Google ad campaign.

  • Finding Right Keywords

Specific Keywords to reach specific customers: -

Keywords are the backbone of your ad. Choosing specific keywords implies selection of the keywords that are much related to the theme of your ad. This might not give much reach to your ads, but this can generate more sales. Because, if a girl is searching for the girls` bicycles and there she happens to see an ad word specified for her current related searches. For example, the ad words like “Girls` Bicycles”, “Girls` Bikes”, “Bicycle for girls online” would have a higher chance to get clicked by that girl. Therefore, giving “Phrase Match” and “Exact Match” as keyword match type is good for you. Likewise, categorizing the service or products you provide with a more specific ad word related to the theme of your ad will definitely increase the conversion rate. That means the click-through rate is as same or close to the number of conversions you have got. So, Make sure to be more specific to reach your targeted audience. And try using phrase match and exact match as keyword match types to avoid unnecessary clicks.

General Keywords to Get More Reach

If your intention is to get more reach, then choosing general keywords is more apt. For example, think you have a large bicycle store and you want to get maximum reach for your bicycle store. Then, giving ad words like “Bicycle Store” “Buy Bicycle” “Bicycle Store near me” “Best Bicycle Store”, etc would be really helpful. And never forget to give a broad match to this set of keywords. Thereby, your ad would reach those who are searching with the keyword “Bicycle store”, “Bicycle”, “Bikes”, “Ladies` Bicycles”, “Men’s Bikes”, etc might see your ad.

  • Extensions

As the word sounds, extensions extend the information and thereby give more visibility for your ad. There are different formats of extensions like location extension, site link extension, call-out extension, additional text, and more. Adding extensions increases the click-through rate. And click-through rate is one of the key factors affecting Quality Score. Therefore, the higher the click-through rate, the higher the quality score is.

  • Landing page

The landing page is basically a page that people land on after clicking your ad. Usually, this is just a webpage not a part of your company's website. Unlike a website that is focused on different goals, a landing page has only one goal and focuses to get people to convert.

  • Set up Remarketing Campaigns

Setting up remarketing campaigns can have a great impact on Return On Investment. This is a cost-effective technique. Moreover, helps people to recall your brand.

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