Advanced Diploma in IoT

Internet of Things is a title given to the attempt of connecting objects to the internet and also to each other - allowing people and things themselves to analyze data from various sources in real-time and effectively take necessary actions.

Technology we expertised |
  24-IOT   72-arduino   56-NodeMCU–ESP8266   48-Raspberry-pi

Course Duration

200 Hrs

Pre Request

Basic knowledge

Advanced Diploma in IoT


Skilz Hub Kottakkal provides the best advanced diploma in IOT training in Kottakkal, Malappuram, Kerala. We provide the best syllabus for IoT courses. The Major syllabus of this course is Arduino, IoT, Raspberry pi. The scope for embedded and IoT courses is very high, and students can study various strategies related to this course from Skilz Hub. Training for Embedded and IoT with updated strategies is provided with the help of expert trainers. This course is ideally suited for people with a basic understanding of electronics and microprocessors. Moreover, training for both online & offline batches for an advanced diploma in IoT as per your convenience. The course duration for this course is 200 hours.

What Will You Learn?

  • Basic Electronics
  • Program with Raspberry-pi

Syllabus Contents

  • Computer Networks & Management
  • Internet protocols
  • Basics of IOT
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Applications of IOT
  • IOT Hardwar Platforms
  • Cloud Platform for IOT
  • Basics of database and server
  • Structured query language - SQL
  • Introduction to IDE
  • Arduino language
  • The configuration of I/O Ports and Its Registers
  • LCD Interfacing,Serial communication (USART Module)
  • Timer/counter,ADC
  • Interrupts Handling
  • Protocol: I2C
  • Interfacing with RTC ,EEPROM Sensors
  • Motors DC motors Servo motor
  • Bluetooth Interacing
  • RFID interfacing
  • Remotely control your board with an Android APP
  • Fingerprint module interfacing
  • Circuit Diagram and PCB layout
  • Introduction
  • Configuration of IDE
  • Configuration of I/O Ports and Its Registers
  • RFID Interfacing
  • Wifi communication
  • Wifi server
  • Wifi Client
  • Wifi Automation
  • Sensor interfacing
  • Working with relays
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Operation systems
  • Installation
  • VNC server configuration and usage
  • Touch screen interfacing
  • Python programming for GPIO control
  • Python server
  • Database and SQL commands
  • Sensor interfacing
  • Automation



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Advanced Diploma in IoT

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