PIC Microcontroller Training

The main objective of this course is to give in-depth knowledge of PIC Microcontroller.

10 - Embedded Systems15-Microcontroller15-Programming Assembly Language & C Language20-I/O Device Interface and Practical

Plus 2 & Above

Course Duration

60 Hrs

Pre Request

Basic knowledge

PIC Microcontroller Training


Get in-depth knowledge of PIC Microcontroller, with their programming. So you can design real-time projects on Embedded Systems. This course enables the aspirants to work on the architecture, pin diagram, and I/O interfacing. Exposure to Embedded C and using assembly functions/programs in C is also the part of this training.

What Will You Learn?

  • Embedded systems and it's applications
  • 8051 Microcontroller-Hardware Architecture & Embedded C programming
  • Timers, Interrupts and serial communication in 8051
  • Interfacing 8051 with LCD, Keypad, ADC
  • PIC 16F877A Microcontroller-Hardware Architecture & GPIOs
  • Hands-on development boards
  • Timers, Interrupts and serial communication in PIC 16F877A
  • Interfacing PIC 16F877A with LCD, Keypad, ADC,UART communication
  • ARM 7TDMI-S Architecture & ARM Operating modes
  • Timers and Phase Locked loop(PLL) configuration
  • Introduction to LPC21xx and GPIO registers
  • Vectored Interrupt Controller(VIC) and serial Communication
  • Interfacing LPC21xx with LCD,Keypad,ADC,UART
  • Interfacing Wireless protocols- GSM,GPS,Bluetooth,RFID,Zigbee with LPC21xx

Syllabus Contents

  • Components of Embedded systems
  • Power supply
  • Memory
  • Microcontroller
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Introduction to PIC family
  • Features of PIC16F877A
  • Hardware Details of PIC16F877A
  • PIC Architecture of PIC16F877A
  • Pin Diagram of PIC16F877A
  • SFR
  • Port I/O configuration
  • Interrupts & Timers
  • Programming in Embedded C
  • Introduction to programming software
  • Examples programs for PIC
  • HI-TECH C Complier
  • Study of Input Output Devices
  • LED Display,7-Segment
  • DIP Switch
  • Intelligent LCD Display
  • Matrix Keyboard
  • Stepper Motors and Types of Stepper Motors
  • Serial Communication Concepts
  • Practices on interfacing circuits
  • Practices of ICP
  • Opto-Isolators, Relay
  • I2C, SPI Protocol
  • Serial Memory
  • On chip Peripherals PWM



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PIC Microcontroller Training

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