Diploma in Adobe Illustrator

Learn Adobe Illustrator graphic design, logo design and more with this in-depth course!

24-Adobe Illustrator

Plus 2 & Above

Course Duration

24 hrs

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Diploma in Adobe Illustrator


This course including examples, techniques and exercises have been carefully selected and refined to offer the most efficient and enjoyable way to master in Adobe Illustrator. This course has been purposely designed for people of all experiences, from complete beginners to existing illustrator users, who want to improve their designing skills. Being able to confidently work in Illustrator is an essential skill for any Graphic Designer or Illustrator, but it is useful for Product Designers, UI/UX designers and various other areas within and outside of the creative industry.

What Will You Learn?

  • Be an expert in Adobe Illustrator Tools
  • The Illustrator Artboard, Preferences, and Tools
  • Sharpening & Output
  • Text Effects
  • Enhancing, Correcting
  • Drawing Shapes & Vectors
  • Scale & Perspective
  • Make your ideas come to life

Syllabus Contents

  • Fundamentals
  • Interface
  • Page Setup
  • Tools Management
  • Vector Art & Modification
  • Coloring
  • Typography
  • Image combosition
  • Logo & Branding
  • Icons & Minimal arts
  • Magazine & Brochures
  • Masking & Clipping
  • Designing
  • Animation
  • Exporting & Saving



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Diploma in Adobe Illustrator

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